Our story

It was August 2014 when I had just sailed over the glacial lake of Jökulsárlón in Iceland... With complete humility; I sat back and admired the incredible beauty of nature and indeed "creation" itself, and thought how it truly is here for all of us to draw inspiration from. At that moment I began to think about what we are creating and how it awakens these feelings in us. Thinking of this, my mind naturally turned to our own wonderful Czech design products, which captivate me not only with their precision, soul and uniqueness but also in their functionality.

I didn’t want to put boundaries on our unique creations by limiting exposure to just people in the Czech Republic.

I believe what we have to offer should be shared with the whole world. From this idea was born the Bohemia Design Market, which was developed and launched to stage and provide access to Czech design products internationally. Our project philosophy is:

- to SUPPORT original Czech design and work along with Czech non-profit organisations that are in need of our attention to detail and assistance


- to CONNECT people and projects to the international market in order to develop new opportunities and success for all

Czech design products, often like the people around us are full of unique qualities, joy, beauty and resourcefulness. So let us be proud of the wonderful work that is created in the Czech Republic and collaborate on what truly deserves to be supported.

Thank You,

About us

The Bohemia Design Market aims to promote unique Czech design in the Czech Republic and also abroad.
We aim to simplify the availability of uniquely designed keepsakes for all who love originality and who also wish to support a good cause.

Bohemia Design Market not only supports local Czech design but also donates 3% of all sales to worthy Czech causes involved in: foundation and civic associations, environment, and culture.
We believe that by bringing together design and support for nonprofit organisations in different areas, we can help fulfil the dreams and visions of all those who may need our help.

The Bohemia Design Market is a portal that facilitates the purchasing of copyright objects and works of registered design sellers to portal users - registered/unregistred buyers. Registered buyers, after logging into their user profile will have access to other services such as previous orders, invoices, profile editing, or even the possibility to comment and leave feedback on products and designers.

Operator of the www.bohemia-design-market.com
is Kateřina Lukášová.

Bohemia Design Market