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PS ART petra skopalova

I love geometry and I love colors -painting gives me an amazing chance to bring this two fascinating elements together and create something very powerful. This helps me to express my way of perceiving reality around me, not only my joy, love, happiness but also common fears and misunderstanding around us. Geometry helps me to describe things in a clean sharp way, colors brings the emotion into this world - what a beautiful and fascinating play!!!

In my world of creation I would love to cross boundaries, crash walls of galleries and go further to people with taste for design, sense of colors and geometry. My aim is to transfer art into evrery day life - my scarfs, jewelery, bags, clocks, throw pillows can "live its life" with the real people and this is my way how to make this world more colorful, interesting and shining.
Thank you for your time to look at my shop and read a little bit about me and my colourful dream.


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