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Our family workshop "Ondruškovic" creates handmade handbags, wallets,
belts. In our work we are combining information obtained by studying
shoe design and fine arts with a long craft experience.

We place emphasis on careful manual processing, fine detail, high
quality natural leather and timeless design. The combination of these
features ensures that our original and unique products will make their
owners happy for many years.

Gift voucher for designer's products

Voucher 2000 CZK
77.21 EUR
Voucher 1000 CZK
38.60 EUR
Voucher 500 CZK
19.30 EUR
Voucher 100 EUR
100.00 EUR
Voucher 50 EUR
50.00 EUR
Voucher 25 EUR
25.00 EUR
Voucher 100 USD
86.52 EUR
Voucher 60 USD
51.91 EUR
Voucher 30 USD
25.96 EUR