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Klára Bílá Jewellery

My name is Klára Bílá and I am a designer of jewelery.

I have been producing and designing jewelry since 2013.

In my offer you will find rings of gold and silver, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, cufflinks and much more.

Love of Jewelry met me long after my studies at Charles University. I studied Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Perfection in the goldsmith's technique is almost constant, my inspiration being the most important events in my life and the beauty of nature. Jewelry is my passion. So, as some are obsessed with the devil, I am obsessed with the magic of jewels!

I am duly registered at the hall office under number 12085

My brand is KB

Overview of hip brands here: http://www.puncovniurad.cz/en/znacky.aspx

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