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Kamila Jahodová

Welcome to the world of originality! Welcome to the Fraise website!
We are here to show you how extraordinary, beautiful and trendy you can be. The creators of the Fraise fashion studio make tailored clothes for several years with respect to customers’ individuality and uniqueness. Fashion designer Kamila Jahodová creates both comfy yoga trousers as well as casual business or street fashion that is out of the ordinary.
Trousers, dresses, skirts, sports elegant blouses and now even blazers. We only use high-quality materials and we put an effort into the whole creating process from the initial design to the final product. Every piece of clothing is done with a great care in order to achieve perfection. The clothes made by Fraise will enrich your wardrobe and accent your beauty.
We started in 2011 by winning the second price of the Rozjezdy roku competition. Since then, Fraise made the clothes for T-mobile team or even costumes for the theatre. On top of that, Fraise participates in creation of limited collections for the biggest open-air exposition and sale of original Czech fashion – Dyzajn Market. And it is only the beginning!
Wearing the clothes by Fraise, you will certainly stand out of uniformity. Our products are known for their innovative designs, sophisticated details, eccentricity, and high-quality fabrics for maximum comfort. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
Your Fraise