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ADRY is a czech brand of original child wear.

ADRY wear is for kids who love to be outside and do not like playing inside.

The brand was founded as a project of "mompreneur" Adriena, mother of two kids: Ladunka and Vašík, these two little sweetes have been neverending inspiration plus nature itself (we live in the beutiful Šumava National Park)
ADRY - proofed by Nature

Beautiful Days and nice shopping wishes

Adriena Dryakova @ ADRY

We ship outside Czech Republic and we use Czech Post services.
Minimal postage to Slovakia is 6 Euro.
Postage charge into EU countries moves around
10 - 15 Euro depending on weight.
You can pay by cash on delivery. This service costs 2 Euro.
All charges include packing.
Accurate postage will be specified during the ordering process depending on the mass of the package and target country .

All materials we use are made in Czech Republic or are suplied by czech supliers. Textiles we use comply with GOTS (Global oraganic textile standard) and czech laws (Nmb 84/2001 about hygienical rules and demands on children's products and toys).
ADRY wear make skilful dressmakers from Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic).

Gift voucher for designer's products

Voucher 2000 CZK
77.21 EUR
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38.60 EUR
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